ORA Management

The key to ORA’s success is expertise and experience. The diverse nature of the membership offers a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors. This is supported by the ORA Management Team who maintain an objective overview of the associations activities and provide direction in order to drive the association and industry forward.

Chairman – Mr. Michael Sneath

Michael Sneath is currently General Manager of Oakwood, a national waste oil, hazardous waste collector and PFO Producer. With 13 years experience in a variety of operational and compliance roles, he has a wealth of experience in practically applying waste and environmental legislation at a number of operational levels. He is passionate about workplace health and safety and improving safety culture and as a result has constantly managed change throughout his career.

Vice Chairman – Mr. Chris Williamson

 Chris Williamson formed ProTreat in 2011. ProTreat is dedicated to offering a cost saving recycling and waste management consultancy service, by helping companies to develop solutions for dealing with waste management issues effectively and economically. Chris is an experienced consultant in environmental and waste matters who managed the first successful defence to an Environment Agency Crown Court prosecution in 1998. In 2007, he steered OSS Group Limited in its landmark Court of Appeal End of Waste ruling. In 2016, via a judicial review case brought by ProTreat, he succeeded in changing the government’s legal position in England & Wales to bring Small Waste Oil Burners within the remit of the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Executive Director – Mr. Roger Creswell

Roger leads ORA and is responsible for planning, budgeting and overall organisational management. Since 1999, Roger has provided a critical function for the used oils industry, helping create both strategic direction and the plans for getting there. He has delivered a variety of services including representing the industry to Government and Regulatory panels during the development of the Waste Framework Directive, Environmental Permitting Regulations, REACH and numerous other legislative driven topics. He is an active member of the UK Oil Care Campaign, a cross member group representing oil producers, users, government, regulators and ORA members.

Roger came to ORA after a long career in the international oil industry having focused on the lubricants business.


ORA is supported by a Committee of Management comprising:

Mr. Phil Evans

Phil is a past Chairman and has a long history with our trade association being a Chemist by profession with over 15 years experience in the waste solvent recycling


Mr. Bill Styles

is currently a consultant to Hydrodec UK having spent some 44 years in the waste oil industry. Bill brings with him a wide raft of experiences ranging from waste derived fuel oil production to large scale downstream sales management to the power generation and road-stone drying industries.

Mr. Steve Hegerty

Steve is a past Chairman and is currently the Commercial Manager at the Augean Treatment company’s Avonmouth oil and solvent processing facility; With over 18 years of experience in the hazardous waste sector he has held various operational and commercial roles bringing with him a wide exposure to industry regulatory and legislative practices together with the technologies and understanding of the market.